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Target 25


The Target Center Console Open  Fisherman is the perfect boat for offshore fishing and diving. The deep V  hull provides a very dry, stable ride and is a proven performer.

Custom  built Target boats are expertly constructed with 100% hand laid  materials and are completely wood free. Craftsmen with over 30 years of  experience use only the best materials available today in every phase of  construction.

Target  boat hulls are made completely from Hydrex 100 Vinyl Ester resin which  is superior to the widely used polyester resin. The cloths are 1708-17  oz. 0-45' bi-axial intermixed with 1808-18 oz. 0-90' bi-axial, instead  of the traditional woven roving most boats are still constructed of  today, for a multi-directional fiberglass lay up that provides the  ultimate in strength. The gel coat used on every part of the Target is  Armorflex buff back which is the best available on the market. The  entire construction process is done under vacuum to ensure every part is  true to the mold. 


The  Target hull sides, cap, console and inner liner are all cored with H-60  contoured Divincell foam for strength and durability.

The  Target transom is cored with Michigan Composite's 20 lb. density  polyurethane foam with five bi-axial layers on each side to ensure we  produce an unbreakable transom. The transom core is vacuum bagged in  place for superior bonding.

The Target fuel tank is heavy duty 3/16" aluminum and finished with a cold tar epoxy to resist corrosion.

The  Target 25 is by far the best constructed open fisherman on the market  today. Dollar for dollar, there is not a comparable 25'-31' watercraft  that can endure and perform like the Target 25.